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SGC Training Agreement

Training and Club Agreement


  • Gymnasts should be encouraged to:

enjoy their time in the gym and not be ‘forced’ to train

to treat others with kindness and respect

to recognise good performance not just results

use correct, respectful and appropriate language at all times

not belittle any other member of the Club

not leave the hall without discussing it first with a coach

  • All gymnasts must be individually affiliated with British Gymnastics

  • All members must have submitted a completed Contact Form.

  • In completing the contact form it must be indicated whether consent is given for the gymnasts name and/or photograph can be used on the Club’s website or Facebook by official photographers. No photography can be taken in the gym or on the balcony.

  • All gymnasts must wear suitable clothing, hair tied back. 

  • No jewellery can be worn whilst training as this invalidates insurance. Earrings can be covered with tape for the first six weeks after piercing but cannot be worn at competitions.

  • Any illness, injury or medication being taken prior to the session must be notified to the Head Coach at the beginning of the session.

  • Any changes deemed to be necessary by a coach to a gymnast’s group, based on ability, will be accepted by parents/guardians.

  • Coaches should be notified if a gymnast is going to be late or absent. 

  • Gymnasts will not receive ‘coaching’ or advice on their skills from viewing areas. Parents/guardians must ensure gymnasts are able to concentrate on coach’s instructions at all times.

  • Anyone bringing the Club into disrepute by their words or actions will not be deemed to be a member of the Club. This may result in a gymnasts removal from the Club.


Financial Matters:

  • All requests for fees must be payable by the deadline indicated. Late payment fees may be charged to cover administration time.

  • Refunds will only be issues at the discretion of the Club.

  • All fees are payable for the place the gymnast holds within the Club and not their attendance i.e. fees must be paid for sessions available to the gymnast and not his/her attendance at them.


For information:

  • Membership of the Club does not provide membership for Everyone Active. All members and their families must comply with the general rules of Everyone Active whilst in the Centre.

  • All information, including contact details, will be held securely by the Club and only used by the Head Coach and Club Manager. These details will be destroyed when the relevant gymnast leaves the Club.

  • The Club does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal items.

  • Gymnasts must not use any equipment in the gym without prior authorisation from a coach and can only train on instructions, and supervised by a coach.

  • In matters of coaching and training the coach’s word is final.

  • If attending a trial at another club the Club has the right to terminate a gymnasts membership.

  • The Club adopts the British Gymnastics Child Protection Policy, does not tolerate bullying and operates as an equal opportunities club.

  • The Club has trained and qualified coaches who will always be in attendance at sessions and has a fully trained Welfare Officer who is involved in all decisions relating to the management of the Club.

  • Establishing good communication and sharing any concerns with the Club is beneficial for all.

  • Any suggestions and ideas matter to the Club if delivered in a polite manner.



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