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Privacy Policy

Members’ Privacy Policy

Southbourne Gymnastics Club retains personal and sensitive data on all members.

All data is kept securely on the Clubs secure folder, and cannot be accessed by anyone without a password, and in the locked cabinet. 


What information is stored?

Personal information, including names, date of birth, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses

Sensitive information, including any medical information and anything that may alter the way SGC needs to

treat each member 

Account information

a. when and how payments have been made

b. details on what amounts are due for payment

How SGC uses its members’ data?

1. Creating attendance registers

Organisation of internal events

Entering members into external events such as competitions and work-shops

Providing information of legitimate interest to members

a. class closures or alterations to class arrangements

b. class fee due dates and amounts

c. term dates

Providing other information to members about

d. forthcoming internal events

e. fundraising activities

f. the sale of merchandise

How SGC will share this data?

SGC will not share the data it holds except in specific circumstances. These are:

1. Entering external events. Competition organisers require names, ages, BG memberships status and other details of all entries.

Ensuring SGC complies with any legal obligations (e.g. to meet a health & safety obligation)

If sharing this data is in the vital interests of the member or someone else (e.g. providing emergency services

with information regarding an injured member)

Ensure SGC fulfils its contractual obligations (e.g. employment qualifications and experience)

How long SGC will keep this data?

1. SGC will retain this data while members remain active within our club.

SGC will delete members’ data within three months of the member leaving us unless

a. the member wishes to remain on a waiting list for an alternative class

b. the member owes SGC any money in fees

c. there is a legal obligation to keep this data (e.g. pending accident or incident reports)

d. there is a contractual obligation to keep this data (e.g. employment records)

Members’ rights on this data

SGC members have the following rights on the data held on them:

To see the data, and be given a copy of it

To have this data deleted

To have this data corrected

Restrict or specify who we share this data with

SGC will ensure these rights can be met quickly and without cost to our members.

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