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Club and Training Rules

  1. The Club shall be known as Southbourne Gymnastics Club
  2. The Club shall be affiliated to British Gymnastics Association.
  3. The Club shall be affiliated to South East Region and Sussex Gymnastics.
  4. All members must be individually affiliated to British Gymnastics.
  5. All members must complete the consent form in respect of the Club’s Photography & Filming Policy & obtain authority in advance of taking photographs.
  6. The Club will always have qualified gymnastics coaches.
  7. The Club’s aims are to provide for general gymnastics and competitive gymnastics.
  8. All requests for fees must be paid when due.
  9. Any member who does not pay any fees/membership due within four weeks may be deemed as not being a member of the Club.
  10. Refunds will only be issued at the discretion of the Club.
  11. Membership of the Club does not include membership of the Bourne Community Leisure Centre or Westgate Leisure.
  12. All members should comply with the general rules of Westgate Leisure.
  13. The Club reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant.
  14. On application all applicants will be given a trial period before being offered membership.
  15. The Club reserves the right to suspend any member for inappropriate behaviour or any action that may bring the Club into disrepute.
  16. Fees will be increased on 1st April each year.
  17. All Gymnasts must arrive on time for the warm up. Any gymnast arriving more than 10 minutes after the start of the session may not participate in that session.
  18. All Gymnasts must wear suitable clothing, being bare feet, a leotard or shorts and t-shirt.
  19. No jewellery must be worn during training. (This invalidates the club’s insurance)
  20. The club will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any personal belongings.
  21. All long hair must be tied back.
  22. No Gymnasts are allowed on any apparatus unless supervised by a coach or given specific instructions to do so by a coach.
  23. Gymnasts must only work on the instructions given by the coach.
  24. Gymnasts/parents must notify a coach of any injury or medication being taken before the commencement of a session. All accidents must be reported to a coach.
  25. Gymnasts must always observe good working practises.
  26. All Gymnasts and Parents/Carers must be aware of other Gymnasts at all times and not distract them.
  27. Gymnasts must notify their coach if they are leaving the training area for any reason.
  28. In matters of teaching the coach’s word is final.
  29. Should you wish for your child to train at an alternative club (even if on a trial basis) you must notify their coach at Southbourne Gymnastics Club prior to doing so.
  30. Any person coming into contact with the Club must adhere to the Club’s code of Conduct.
  31. SGC adopts the BG Child Protection Policy, does not tolerate bullying and operates as an equal opportunities club.
  32. The club has a fully trained Welfare Officer and all decisions relating to the management of the club will involve the Welfare Officer.
February 2008

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