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Meet the Coaches


Becker started gymnastics in 1977 and trained for many years locally and as part of the County squad. She started coaching in 1990 and started Southbourne Gym Club in 2003. She won the Observer's Community and Sports Awards Coach of the Year 2008 and the District's Youth Sports Achievement Awards Coach of the Year 2009.


Laura was an artistic gymnast for many years, before heading into coaching gymnastics. She is also a qualified sports therapist and brings many years of experience as a gymnast and coach to our team. Laura coaches the Womens’ Artistic Squad, as well as being the clubs head coach. In 2015, Laura passed the Women's Artistic Club Judging exams.


Jess, recently stopped training as part of the senior squad and now has moved onto coaching our recerational and squad gymnasts. Jess sat her women's artistic coaching exams in 2015 and is a key part to our development women's artistic squad.


Ali took an interest in gymnastics when her daughters started with the club and has since taken her coaching exams. She coaches in classes at the Club as well as at many of the sessions the club holds in schools. As well as being qualified as a coach Ali passed her judging exam in 2008. Ali is also a qualified judge.


Nets works with primary school children during the day and having qualified as a coach in 2015 she works with recreational and younger squad gymnasts.


Jade, having retired from training has moved onto coaching our recreational and squad gymnasts. Jade passed her Women's Artistic coaching exams in 2015, alongside a general Floor and Vault judging exam.


Becky competed as a high level gymnast and on retiring moved into coaching. She passed her coaching exam in 2014 and coaches our recreational and squad gymnasts.


Paige has been part of Southbourne Gymnastics Club since the very beginning. She started her days training in the squad, competing at a high level. Paige left to start a dance course, and sinced finishing has returned to coach our recreational and squad gymnasts. Paige also is a personal fitness trainer


Richard has always played an active part in the running of the club as a parent and now as a coach to our recreational and squad gymnasts. He passed his level 1 coaching exam in July 2009.


Having coached a number of sports over many years Neil passed his coaching qualifications in 2012 and has started the next level of exams to work with more experienced gymnasts. He currently works with the clubs Floor and Vault squad, preparing them for many of the competitions they participate in.


Bea has been apart of Southbourne Gymnastics Club since the very beginning. She started her days training in the squad, competing at many local competitions. Later on, she started coaching our recreational and squad gymnasts passing on her knowledge. Bea is currently studying a Sports Science course at university, however comes back to the gym as much as possible!


Rachael's daughter had been training in our squad for a number of years and is therefore in the gym at the majority of our sessions. She has attended the British Gymnastics Child Protection and Welfare courses and is involved at the meetings and in the decision making process of the club. In 2010 Rachael was the recipient of Sussex County's Volunteer of the Year award and in 2011 she received an award for Regional Volunteer of the year.


Liv is a member of our senior squad. Liv has showed great enthusiasm in coaching our younger squad gymnasts, and with our recreational classes.


Chloe trains in our Womens' artistic squad, competing at many local and regional competitions. Being an experienced gymnasts, Chloe can pass her skill knowledge on to the next generation of gymnasts

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