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May 12, 2009

Sussex 4x4, 10th May 2009

Following their recent successes, Southbourne gymnasts have won even more medals! In the last two weeks the gymnasts hard work has paid off winning them 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals at the Sussex 4x4 on 10th May 2009.
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At the Sussex 4x4 competition, an event with gymnasts from clubs throughout Sussex compete on floor, vault, bars and beam, the club's gymnasts performed extremely well.  In the intermediate category Dani Thorn, Lindsey Hart, Laura Hayes and Caitlyn Odin all competed to a high standard for their first time in this group having moved up following their previous successes in the novice category in competitions.

In the 10 & 11 age group Jade Bailey won gold on vault with an outstanding score of 8.1 and winning the Wendy Lewis Cup given by Sussex Gymnastics in memory of our club's co-founder.  Jade came 4th on beam and 5th overall.  Alisha Redfern won silver with a beautiful  routine on floor missing out on the gold by only 0.1.  Meghan Scott won gold on beam following a well polished routine and Jessica Valentine performed good routines including new skills she had not competed before.

In the 12 & 13 age group Tasmin Scott won bronze on beam where she was joined on the medal rostrum by her team mate Becky Durham who won gold.  Becky won bronze overall only 0.05 away from the silver medal.

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