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Mar 18, 2020


As per government and governing body guidelines, currently classes at SGC will continue as normal until further notice. Please keep checking for updates on our Facebook page.
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We ask all members & their families to follow the NHS guidelines surrounding the virus

Please could we ask:

- For all members to wash their hands thoroughly before & after each session.
- For any members or their families to not attend classes for at least 14 days if they have developed a fever and/or a persistent cough.
- To not attend for at least 14 days if you and/or your child have been to high risk area.
- If you or your child have underlying health conditions then we recommend that you do not attend the gym.
- We do not encourage parents to stay on the balcony at this current time however we will not enforce this. Please avoid close contact if possible.

We will be closely watching the government guidelines for further updates and these will be emailed and posted as soon as possible. We understand this is an uncertain time and some of you may take the decision to pause attending sessions, but we will be up and running for the time being though we will review it on an hour by hour basis. We currently have guidance from British Gymnastics that can continue and whilst the children are at school we will do so.

Please do ensure you or your child doesn’t attend gym if they, or anyone they have had contact with, have shown symptoms which should result in isolation and please do not be offended if we ensure all our gymnasts are ‘squirted’ regularly! We want to keep everyone safe!

Both this weekends (21/22 march) grades competition at Guildford and the Westgate competition (5/4) at Chichester are cancelled.

Thank you for your support
Southbourne Gymnastics Club

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