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Jun 10, 2018

Sussex Modified Competition 2018

Meanwhile on the same day over in Hastings, some of the modified artistic gymnasts were competing.
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The first round saw our youngest gymnast compete externally for the first time across all four pieces of apparatus. Freya, Lexi and Willow competed in the modified 7 for 2010 births, Willow placed 5th on vault. Lexi placed 6th on floor and beam and 4th on vault. Freya placed 6th on bars and vault, 5th on beam and 4th on floor for the 6th place rosette overall.

In the modified 2011 births, Gabi, Jessica, Lottie, Josie and Indiya competed. For the floor, Lottie 5th, Gabi and Jessica 3rd, Indiya 2nd an Josie 1st. For vault; Gabi 5th, Jessica 4th, Josie 3rd Indiya 2nd and Lottie 1st. Bars; Josie and Indiya 5th, Lottie 4th, Jessica 2nd and Gabi 1st. Beam; Jessica 5th, Indiya 3rd, Josie and Lottie 2nd, Gabi 1st. Overall; Indiya 6th, Josie 5th, Lottie 4th, Jessica 3rd and gabi 1st.

Later in the day saw Courtney and Daisy compete in the Modified 4 competition. Daisy placed 13th on beam, 11th on floor, 6th on vault, 5th on bars. Courtney placed 10th on floor, 5th on vault and bars and 4th on beam for 9th overall.  

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