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Mar 26, 2018

Chichester 4 peice 2018

Chichester annual 4-peice competitions were held over two weekends in March. 32 of our general gymnasts attended and left with lots of medals!
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The first weekend saw the novice, intermediate and advanced gymnasts. Our youngest novice 2010 competitor, Gabi, finished 7th on bars, and 12th on beam in a large group. In the 2009 group 7 gymnasts competed. Floor- Millie 9th, Lucy and Darcey 8th, Ellie 7th,Madi 6th, Anna 4th and Emily 3rd. Vault- Anna 10th, Emily 7th and Madi 1st.Beam- Lucy and Millie 10th,Madi 9th, Emily 8th, Darcey 7th, Ellie and Anna 4th. Bars- Ellie and Emily 8th, Madi 7th, Anna 6th, Lucy and Darcey 5th, Millie 3rd and Ellie 1st.  In the 2008 category 4 gymnasts competed, some for the first time.Floor-Alaina 10th, Zoe 9th and Mary 8th.Vault- Dani 5th and Alaina 2nd. Beam-Zoe 9th, Alaina 5th, Dani and Mary 3rd. Bars- Zoe 8th and Mary 7th.In the 2007 category, Both Annabelle’s competed. On floor AL 7th and AT 4th. AL 6th on vault. AT 4th on beam. AL 8th and AT 6th on bars.   Onto the intermediate categories, Grace and Abbey competed in the 2008 group. Abbey 4th and Grace 2nd on floor. Abbey 7th and Grace 5th on vault. Grace 8th and Abbey 2nd on beam. Grace 3rd and Abbey 2nd on bars. Grace 5th and Abbey 3rd overall.  Ava in the 2007 placed 9th on vault, 8th on floor, 7th on beam, 2nd on bars and 6th overall. For 2006, 4 gymnasts competed. Floor- Anwen 9th, Amelie 7th and Luna 6th. Vault- Luna 10thBeam- Amelie 10th, Katie 8th, Anwen 5th and Luna 3rd. Bars- Amelie 10th, Luna 8th, Katie 7th and Anwen 4th. Luna and Anwen joint 7th overall.  Onto the advanced category, Verity placed 5th on bars, 4th on floor and vault and 1st on beam. She finished 5th overall.  Katherine and Isabel in the 2006 group finished in 6th and 4th for floor. Isabel 10th and Katherine 1st on vault. Isabel 3rd and Katherine 1st on beam. Isabel 6th and Katherine 3rd on bars. Isabel finished in 6th and Katherine 1st overall.Onto the second weekend, where the bronze and silver gymnasts competed. Many of the girls moving up into a new category for this competition. In the bronze 2006 group Neve placed 2nd on floor and 1st on vault. 4th on beam and bars, to finish in 3rd place overall.Bronze 2005, Floor- Maya 5th, Emma and Bronte 3rd. Vault- Maya 4th, Bronte 3rd, Emma 1stBeam- Bronte 8th, Maya 7th, Emma 3rdBars- Emma 1st, Maya 2nd, Bronte 3rdOverall Maya 5th, Bronte 3rd and Emma 2nd. In the 2004 group, Ellie placed 6th on floor, 2nd on vault and beam and 1st on bars, to finish in 3rd overall. In the 2002 group Annie placed 2nd on bars and floor and 1st on vault and beam to finish in 2nd place overall. For the silver 2004 category, Eleanor placed 1st on beam and bars and 2nd on floor and 3rd on vault for the overall 2nd place. And in the 2003 silver group, Nancy placed 3rd on beam, 2nd on vault and floor and 1st on bars for 2nd overall. Great couple of weekends for all and a huge medal count!

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