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Oct 1, 2017

Regional Floor and Vault I&A 2017


On Sunday we travelled to Guildford for the Regional Floor and Vault competition for intermediate and advanced gymnast.

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Grace competing in the intermediate 2008, (section 1) placed 1st on floor and placed 7th on vault for 6th overall. Abbey also intermediate 2008, (section 2) placed 2nd on floor and 6th on vault to finish in 4th overall, 0.05 off 3rd.

It was then the Boys turn. It was Zachary’s first competition and he performed excellently finishing 1st on floor, 4th on vault and 1st overall. Danny competed in the advanced category placing 1st overall.

Onto round 3, Verity competing in the Intermediate 2007 group performed well across both floor (1st) and vault (7th) to finish in 6th place and going home with a rosette. Maggie and Amelie competed in the intermediate 2006 B group. Amelie competing for the first time and finished in 13th place. Maggie placed 6th on floor, and 2nd on vault with an overall 4th place and triggering a move up to advanced. Katherine also moving up to advance with her 4th place floor, 1st place vault and 2nd overall. Anwen and Luna competed in the intermediate 2006 A group. Anwen placed 2nd on floror and 9th on vault for overall 10th. Luna placed 3rd on floor, 12th on vault for overall 13th.

Neve competed in the advanced 2006 group, finishing 7th on floor and 1st on vault for overall joint 3rd medal and qualifying to move up to bronze. Bronte and Emma competed in the advanced 2005 births. Emma placed 4th on both floor and vault, and finished in 4th, just 0.05 off 3rd. Bronte placed 8th on floor and 6th on beam. Both triggering a move up to bronze too.

Round 5, saw Lucy compete in the intermediate A 2004 category placing 4th. Annie competition in the intermediate 2002 category placed 2nd on floor and vault for 3rd overall and achieving enough to move up to advanced. Emily also in this category placed 4th on floor and vault.

Lisa placed 2nd on floor, 4th on vault and overall in the intermediate 2002-2003 category.

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