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Welcome to Southbourne Gymnastics Club

Oct 8, 2017

Sussex Championships 2017

On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October the Sussex championships took place for the general advanced+ categories and Women's Artistic levels.
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Saturday saw Neve compete in the Advanced 10-11 category. She performed a wonderfully choreographed floor routine which placed 3rd. Neve also performed a strong handspring vault for 1st, which combined gave her 2nd overall, with 16.7, generating a move up to the next level. Maya also competing in advanced category but for 12-14 performed a floor routine to music for the first time and was awarded 4th.  Another strong handspring vault placed her in 3rd, giving her combined scores of 16.2 for 2nd. Bronte also performed a lovely floor routine for the first time, with a small error finished in 9th, but her powerful handspring vault gave her 1st place.

Continuing into the afternoon, Eleanor and Isabella competed in the Bronze category. Isabella narrowly missed out on medals placing 4th on both floor and vault to finish in 4th. Eleanor managed to nab the bronze on floor, and the silver on vault for overall bronze medal and triggering a move up to the next category.

Emily also competed in the bronze category, for the first time, and placed 1st on floor and vault and finished off with the Gold medal too.

Nancy competed in the Silver group, with an outstanding floor routine for 1st and a great vault also for 1st. Her combined score of 16.95 placed 1st. The gold category saw Caitlyn and Betsy compete against each other. Caitlyn beat Betsy to the floor gold, however Betsy beat Caitlyn to the Vault gold. Overall both their scores totalled the same, giving the twins joint 1st overall and coming home with the shield!

Sunday was the turn of the Women’s Artistic competitors. In a large field of modified 5 gymnasts, Daisy competed and placed 16th on both vault and floor, 11th on bars and 6th on beam. Her combined scores meant Daisy finished in 11th.  

Milleigh and Summer competed in the level 5 OOA group.  Milleigh had a fall on bars and finished in 12th, 8th on floor, 5th on beam and 3rd on vault for overall 9th place. Summer placed 10th on floor, 4th on beam and bars, 1st on vault to finish just outside the medals in 4th.

Level 4 modified was Ebony’s category. 6th place for vault and bars, 7th on floor and 3rd on beam totalled 5th place overall. Ches competed in the level 4 OOA group, where she placed 4th on beam after several falls, 3rd on bars and vault and 2nd on floor. This, unfortunately just left her outside the medals in 4th, 0.5 behind 3rd.

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