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Nov 26, 2017

Southbourne Beam and Vault 2017

Many of our gymnasts took part in our annual invitational Beam and Vault competition on Sunday 26th November.

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Round 1 included a mixture of general and artistic gymnasts. Heather competed in her first competition in the novice 2003-2006 category with 14 other gymnasts. Heather performed well on beam and placed 9th.  Gabi competed in a large group of 2010 novice gymnasts. She performed a flatback vault for the first time and scored 6.00 for 9th place. Over to beam, and Gabi performed a lovely routine for 3rd place. Combined scores placed Gabi in 8th.

Annie and Ellie competed in the advanced category. Annie placed 5th (6.40) on beam and 2nd (7.95) on vault for the 3rd (14.35) place overall. Ellie placed 1st (7.50) on beam and 1st (8.05) on vault for the overall Gold medal (15.55).  Emily competed in the 2003+ Bronze category. She placed 6th on beam and 2nd on vault for overall 6th.

In the silver category, Isabella, Eleanor and Nancy all competed. Isabella narrowly missed out on the bronze for beam, finishing in 4th. Eleanor performed a solid beam routine for 2nd place, and Nancy performed an excellent beam for 1st. Over to vault, Isabella and Eleanor both performing new vaults placed joint 5th with a score of 8.00. Nancy executed a ½ on ½ off for a score of 8.85 which gave her 1st place.  Overall Isabella placed 4th, just 0.05 off 3rd. Eleanor placed 3rd (16.20) and Nancy placed 1st with a score of 17.45.

Betsy and Caitlyn were competing in the gold category and placed 1st and 2nd on both beam and vault to walk away with the same overall.

For the artistic competition, modified 5 saw Daisy and Courtney compete. It was only Courtneys second competition, and her nerves were tested on beam. Unfortunately 3 falls left Courtney in 7th on beam and a 6th place vault. Daisy performed her round off solidly on beam for 3rd place. A much improved platform flatback vault gave her 4th place, just 0.1 from 3rd. Overall Courtney placed 7th with a strong score of 20.30, and Daisy placed 3rd with a score of 23.70.

In modified 4, Ebony placed 1st on beam and with a new vault being competed also placed her in 1st (11.90) which meant she was the overall winner of the category.

Level 4, Ches and Maisie took part. Strong solid vaults, both gaining there bonuses gave them 1st (12.40) and 2nd (12.30) places. Unfortunately Maisie took some falls on beam, but continued to perform her new flick, flick connection to be given the 3rd place. Ches performed a beautiful beam routine with several new connections and a free cartwheel which gave her 1sdt place and a massive 1.2 marks above 2nd.  Overall in this category Ches placed 1st (26.20) and Maisie 3rd (23.70).

 Chloe competed in her last ever competition of her career.  She performed well on beam, and fought to save a near fall to finish with a score of 11.60 for 1st, also placed 1st on vault and overall.

Round 2 saw some of our youngest gymnasts compete in the 2011 set competition with a large group of 14 gymnasts. They all performed extremely well on the day, all holding their nerves and staying on the beam! Indiya placed 10th, Lottie 9th, Maira 8th, Sofia 6th, Phoebe 5th, Gabi 3rd, Josie 2nd and Jessica 1st. Over to vault Indiya placed 8th, Maira 7th, Sofia 5th, Jesscia and Phoebe joint 4th, Gabi 2nd and Lottie and Josie joint 1st.  Overall positions; Indiya 11th, Maira 10th, Sofia 8th, Phoebe and Lottie joint 6th, Gabi 3rd, Jessica 2nd and Josie 1st. Fantastic results for all the gymnasts, many their first competition!

In the novice 2008-2009 group, a large group of gymnasts took part. Alaina, only participating for a few weeks placed 15th on beam, Darcey 14th, Millie 13th, Lucy 12th, anna 7th, Mae 6th, Mary and Emily joint 5th, and Dani 1st.  The girls performed some great vaults on the day, with Lucy in 12th, Mary 11th, Alaina and Emily joint 9th, Anna 8th, Millie 7th, Mae 6th and Dani 4th. Overall Dani placed 3rd in the group.

Both Annabelle’s competed in the novice 2007 group. Annabelle T placed 7th on vault and 5th on beam, whilst Annabelle L placed 9th on vault and 1st on beam. Overall A’belle L placed 9th and A’belle T 4th, just narrowly missing out on the bronze medal by 0.3.

Neve competed for the first time in the Bronze category. She placed 8th on vault, with only 0.45 to 1st place! Neve performed a strong beam to place 5th. Emma also competing in bronze (04/05) for the first time performed a strong vault for 4th, and a confident beam for 2nd to finish in the overall 3rd place.

Athena, competing for the first time in a Women’s Artistic competition performed lots of new skills on beam, unfortunately counting a fall left her in 5th place. However she fought back and performed a strong 2nd place vault which gave her 5th overall.

Round 3 saw another group of our younger gymnasts compete. In the set 09/10 group, Freya and Willow placed joint 5th on beam, Bella 4th, Thea 2nd and Evie 1st.  On Vault Bella placed 5th, Evie and Thea and Freya joint 4th, and Willow 3rd. Overall Bella placed 7th, Freya 6th, Willow 5th, Thea 4th and Evie 3rd. Our youngest gymnast of the competition, Sophia performed extremely well and placed 1st on both beam and vault to be given the overall 1st place position, walking away with three gold medals!

Abbey and Grace competed in the intermediate 08/09 group. Both performed confidently on beam for 6th (Abbey) and 5th (Grace). Grace placed 3rd on vault with a tidy squat on, and Abbey placed 2nd with a flatback. Overall Grace finished in 7th, and Abbey in 4th just 0.05 off 3rd.  In the intermediate 06/07 group on beam Ava placed 10th, Amelie 7th, Isabel, Katie and Anwen joint 6th, Verity 3rd and Luna 1st. All performed flatback vaults with Luna finishing in 9th, Anwen in 8th, Ava and Katie in 6th, Amelie 5th, Isabel 3rd and Verity 2nd. Overall places, Ava 9th, Anwen 8th, Amelie 7th, Katie 6th, Isabel 5th, Luna 4th and Verity 1st.  In the intermediate 05+ group, Lisa and Emily competed. Lisa placed 6th on vault and 2nd on beam for 5th overall. Emily placed 4th on beam, (including a fall) and 1st on vault for the overall Gold medal position.

Bronte and Katherine competed in the Advanced group for 05/06. Bronte performed well on both vault and beam for 5th places, and combined score gave her 4th, just 0.2 away from 3rd. Katherine also performed well on beam and vault for 3rd places on both. Her combined scores gave her the silver medal overall.

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