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Jul 10, 2016


Many of our girls headed over to Wickers gymnastics club in Lancing for their annual competition.

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Lucy competing in the 2009 novice category placed 5th on vault and floor.

In the novice 2008 group Sophie and Mary both competed. Sophie placed 1st on beam, 2nd on vault and 5th on bars for 1st place overall. Meanwhile Mary placed 2nd on beam, 5th on bars and 8th on vault for 7th overall.

We had 4 girls compete in the 2006 novice category. Ava placed 5th on vault and 7th om bea,. Lola placed 4th on vault and 6th on beam. Katie placed 6th on vault and 4th on beam. Ella placed 2nd on vault and 1st on beam.

Moving onto the intermediate girls Maya 6th on vault, 2nd on beam, 1st on bars for 1st overall. Bronte placed 5th on vault, 6th on beam, Isabel placed 2nd on vault and 8th on beam, Maggie placed 7th on vault and 12th on beam, Katherine placed 9th on vault and 7th on beam for her first intermediate competition.

Ellie and Isabella competed in the advanced category placing 3rd and 2nd on vault, 6th and 4th on beam, 5th and 1st on bars for 5th and 1st overall.  

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