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Apr 16, 2016

Grades 2016

South East Regional Grades for Chloe, Hannah, Sophie, Molly, Lily, Frankie and Nancy.
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Molly (in age) and Frankie (out of age) both competed in Regional grade 4. Both girls performed well under the pressure, with both passing with a commended. Molly scored 57.15 for 15th place, narrowly missing out on a distinction. Molly scored an impressive 11.400 on beam for 5th place. Frankie scored 54.45 for 12th overall, with 9th on vault and 10th on beam.

Regional 3 saw Sophie compete in the 2005 category. Sophie scored 56.7 for 9th place and a commended. Sophie placed 1st on vault with a high score of 13.100, 0.4 above 2nd. 8th place on bars, 9th on range and 10th on floor. Hannah and Lily also competed in regional 3 for 2004+. Lily placed 13th (51.15) and Hannah 7th (57.25) overall. Hannah placed 4th on range, 6th on vault, 8thon beam, 9th on floor and 10th on bars.  Lily placed 10th on beam, 11th on floor and 12th on range.

Regional grade 2 saw Nancy compete in the 2003 births finishing in 10th place with 49.7 for a pass. With 12.450 score on vault gave Nancy 5th place, 8th on beam and 10th place on range with a score of 12.00. Chloe also competed in regional grade 2 for 2002+ births finishing in 8th place with a score of 54.25 for a commended. Chloe placed 3rd on vault with a score of 12.50, 4th on Range, 7th on beam and bars, and 10th on floor.

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