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Apr 10, 2016

Chichester Competition

On Sunday 10th April gymnasts headed to Chichesters 4 peice competition.
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In the first round, Betsy and Caitlyn competed in the Silver 12+ category. Cailtyn placed 7th on floor, 6th on vault, 3rd on bars, 2nd on beam giving her the overall 3rd place. Betsy placed 4th on floor and beam, 3rd on vault, 1st on bars which gave her the overall 2nd place. 

Isabella was the only gymnast in the second round from Southbourne, competing in the advanced 11 year category. Isabella placed 3rd on floor, 2nd on vault, 1st on beam and bars which gave her the overall 2nd place position.

 The third round was for our intermediate gymnasts. Frankie competed in her first external competition in the 12year category and placed 1st on vault, 7th on beam, 8th on floor, 9th on bars and 10th overall. Maya competed in the 11 year category, placing 6th on vault, 3rd on floor 2nd on beam, 1st on bars for 2nd overall. In the intermediate 10 year category, both Maggie and Isabel performed well. Maggie placed 12th on vault, 9th on bars and beam, 4th on floor for 15th overall. Isabel placed 11th on vault, 7th on beam, 6th on bars and floor for 12th overall. 

Round 4 was for the novice gymnasts, where Southbourne had 13 gymnasts. Lisa and Amelia competed in the 13 year group. Amelia placed 6th on floor and vault, 4th on beam and 3rd on bars for 5th overall. Lisa placed 5th on vault, 4th on floor, 3rd on beam, 1st on bars for 3rd overall. Gemma was in the 12year group, who placed 8th on floor, 4th on bars, 3rd on vault and beam for 6th place overall. Tegean competed in the Novice 11, and placed 12th on floor, 8th on bars, 6th on Vault, 2nd on beam for 6th overall. Daisy, Katherine, Katie and Ella all competed in the 10 year category. Ella placed 11th on bars, 6th on vault, 4th on floor, 1st on beam for 7th overall. Katie placed 10th on bars, 8th on vault, 5th on floor, 4th on beam for 9th overall. Daisy placed 10th on vault, 5th on beam, 3rd on floor and bars for 8th overall. Katherine placed 3rd on vault and beam, 2nd on bars and 1st on floor for 1st overall and the highest score of the round.

Sophie and Annabelle both competed in the 9year category. Sophie placed 11th on bars, 8th on beam and vault and 4th on floor for 9th overall. Annabelle placed 9th on bars, beam and vault, 5th on floor for 10th overall. 

Mary, Lucy and Grace, in the 7&8year category competed well against 15 for their first external competition. Mary placed 11th on vault, 9th on floor, 8th on bars 3rd on beam for 9th overall. Lucy, the youngest gymnast of the competition placed 12th on vault, 11th on floor, 8th o bars, 7th on beam for 10th overall. Grace placed 9th on vault, 8th on floor, 3rd on beam and bars for 6th overall.

Great performances by all gymnasts who took part, many for the first time against large numbers of competitors.

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