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Welcome to Southbourne Gymnastics Club

Mar 20, 2016

Wendy Lewis Club Competition

On the 20th March Southbourne hosted its annual Wendy Lewis Club Championships. This competition is open to all members of the club and is a great opportunity for all to have a taste of compeitions! Gymnasts competed in an individual and team event. This years winning team was the Green team!
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In the recreational competition for gymnasts who train an hour a week competed on the floor, vault and trampette. On the floor Scarlett placed 3rd, Joe 2nd and Elizabeth 1st. The vault saw Hannah place 3rd, Leah 2nd and Abby 1st.  Gymnasts performed three trampette jumps, with Jessica in 3rd, Elizabeth in 2nd and Isabelle in 1st. Overall scores placed Isabelle in 3rd, Leah in 2nd and Hannah and Abby in Joint 1st.

In the 2hour category saw the Advanced recreational and Floor and vault squads compete across the floor, vault, trampette and bars. On floor, Noah placed 3rd, Daniel 2nd and Lucy 1st. Vault saw Maddie place 3rd, Alice 2nd and Daniel 1st.  Bars saw Alice in 3rd, Lucy in 2nd and Maddie in 1st. Over the three trampette jumps, Lucy placed 3rd, Walsey 2nd and Maddie 1st. Overall scores placed Lucy in 3rd, Daniel in 2nd and Maddie in 1st.

Gymnast who train up to three hours a week competed across the four Olympic apparatus. Annabelle placed 3rd on floor with Gracie in 2nd and for Sophie’s first competition in 1st. On vault, Emily placed 3rd, Gracie 2nd and Ella in 1st.  Clean Bar routines performed by Sophie for 3rd, Amy for 2nd and Lucy for 1st. Over to beam where Eva placed 3rd, Sophie in 2nd and Luna for 1st. Their overall scores in this category gave Emily Bronze medal, Gracie the Silver medal and Sophie the Gold.

The Juniors and Seniors who train up to 8 hours a week competed across the four apparatus. On floor there was a mix of musical routines as well as non-musical routines. Verity placed 3rd, Isabel 2nd and Katherine 1st. A mixture of Vaults gave Betsy the 3rd place, Maggie 2nd and Frankie 1st. Bars saw Molly in 3rd, Betsy in 2nd and Caitlyn in 1st.  Beautiful beam routines with dance saw Maya in 3rd place, Caitlyn in 2nd and Isabel in 1st. Overall Frankie placed 3rd, Betsy in 2nd and her twin beat her to first place.

In the up to 10hour competition, saw the Clubs Women’s Artistic Squad compete. On floor Chloe placed 3rd, Molly 2nd and Frankie 1st. On Vault excellent Flatbacks were performed from Lani in 3rd and Neve for 2nd, whilst Hannah performed a strong flighted Handspring Vault for 1st place. Concise bar routines to give Milleigh 3rd, Molly 2nd and Chloe 1st.  Beautiful beam routines made it hard to separate the scores. Milleigh performed a backward walkover for 3rd, Ebony placed 2nd and Chloe 1st.

Overall the group performed several new skills and routine changes since their last competition only a week previously. Molly placed 3rd, Frankie in 2nd and Chloe for Gold!

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