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Feb 21, 2016

Pre-Grades 2016

NDGA hosted this years Pre-Grades competiton on sunday 21st February.
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12 gymnasts from Southbourne travelled to Tunbridge Wells in Kent to take part in the competition. In the Regional 4 grade, Molly participated in the in-age, and Frankie in the out of age competition. Frankie placed 6th on beam and in Range and conditioning. 4th for bars, 3rd on vault and 2nd on floor.

Molly placed 11th in Range and Conditioning, 10th on Beam due to a few falls, 9th on Bars, 8th on Vault and 5th on Floor. Both girls performed well in their groups with Molly finishing in 11th and Frankie in 6th place, which means they both would have passed their Grades.

In Regional Grade 2, Chloe and Nancy participated in the out of age category. Nancy performed well across the board with a 10th place Floor, 8th Vault, 5th Bars, 4th Range and Conditioning and 2nd on Beam giving her the 9th place overall. Chloe placed in the top 6 of all pieces, 5th on Floor, Vault and Range. 4th on Beam and 1st on Bars with a 12.6 score! Her total gave her the overall 2nd place and the silver medal.

Club Grade 6 Saw Sophie and Summer compete for Southbourne. For Sophie, it was her first Women’s Artistic Competition, and whilst trying to hold her nerves back she competed well across the board to secure a 10th place beam and 9th place vault which gave her a pass.  Summer, also in her first year of competition performed excellently with a 11th place bar routine, 9th on beam and 5th on vault for 14th place overall. Maisie also competed in Club Grade 6, for out of age. 10th place beam routine, 8th place Bar, and with an outstanding vault for 1st place, leaving Maisie in overall 12th.  Summer, Sophie and Maisie competed as a team in Club Grade 6 with a combined score of 170.1 and finished in 9th place.

Milleigh competed in Club Grade five, in age. 8th for Range, 6th place Floor, 5th Vault, 4th on Bars and 3rd on Beam. Neve and Francesca competed out of age. Neve finished in 6th for Floor and Bars. 5th for vault, 4th for Range and 3rd on Beam. Francesca, for her first competition back into Women’s artistic for several years performed well with 7th on bars, 6th on Range and Vault, 4th on Beam and 3rd on Floor. Both girls finished in joint 4th! Milleigh, Neve and Francesca also competed as a team in the Grade 5, with a combined score of 167.75 finished in 1st place and were awarded with a gold medal.

Sophie and Hannah competed in the Regional Grade 3 for in Age and out of age respectively. Sophie placed 3rd on vault, and 2nd on floor, beam, bars and range which left her just 0.05 behind 2nd place for the bronze medal. Hannah placed 5th on floor, 4th on bars after a fall, 3rd on beam and vault and 2nd in Range for another Bronze medal.  All the girls who competed at NDGA would have secured at least a pass at Grades.


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