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Nov 29, 2015

Suusex 4-piece competition

Many of our girls headed off to the Triangle centre in Burgess hill for the Sussex Novice and Intermediate competition.
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In the first round Margareta competed in the Novice category for 10 and 11 year olds. Margareta’s fear off the vault, making it her weakest piece, she still gave it her best performing a strong squat on for 8th place. Margareta’s floor routine is well executed for 4th. A simple, polished bar routine for another 4th place. Beam, is where Margareta’s strength is shown, her poise and elegance throughout the routine is awarded with a gold medal for first place. Just missing out the overall bronze medal by 0.15 Margareta finished in 4th place out of 13.


Annabelle competed in the 8year novice group, her first external competition against 16 gymnasts. Annabelle had a excellent day, finishing in 9th for both vault and bars, 8th on floor and 6th on beam, for an overall 11th place with a score of 23.20.


In the 9year novice group, Katie and Teagan competed well. Teagan, for her first competition she held her nerves well giving her 9th on floor, 8th on bars, 7th on vault and beam leaving her with the overall 9th place. Katie finished 8th on floor, 6th on vault and beam, 5th on bars which totalled 22.55 for 7th.


Round 3, was for the intermediate girls. In the 8year group, Verity forgot a move on floor, however the rest of the skills were excellently executed for 7th. On beam, a fall on her cartwheel, which was the first time for Verity to compete this skill left her in 5th. A 3rd place flatback vault for a bronze medal, and a 2nd place bar routine for a silver.


Bethan, after coming back from lots of injuries, including a broken arm and toes competed well across all four pieces. 10th place on floor, 11th on vault, 12th on bars and a 6th place on beam. It goes to show that hard work and determination pays off!


Round 4 saw Lisa compete up first for her round in the 12-14 novice group. A mix up of moves on floor left her in 6th place. A squat on vault gave her 5th. A bronze medal for her beautiful beam routine and a gold medal on bars.


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